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Every Little Girl
since Jul 2011


location : NSW, Australia

ships : Internationally

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10% of our profits will go to projects that enable little girls in developing countries to access education, health care and protection. Not only are the products handmade and beautiful but because they are fair trade, the sale of them benefits the communities they were produced in. Every Little Girl was inspired by the Girl Effect - www.girleffect.org/ A girl in the developing world, for example, is less likely to be immunised or to go to school. Change in the world starts with a GIRL! Give a girl a chance to grow up healthy, in a safe environment and educated and the community around her begins to change for the better as well.


Behind the scenes

Products sourced from all over the developing world. Places such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thai-Burma Border, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Peru, South Africa, Thailand and Mexico. I am a working at home mum with two little girls. I have an obsession with online shopping combined with a BIG passion for ethical production and fair trade.





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Kate Bannon said 3 years, 2 months ago:

I will be taking a break from Sept 28 until 16 October 2012. Orders will be posted out after that date. Thank you!

Kate Bannon said 3 years, 11 months ago:

Will be away from 18-21 Dec so no christmas orders possible from the 18thDec. Happy Holidays to All!