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since Jul 2011


location : Victoria, Australia

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13" Macbook sleeve: Original hand printed design on blue wool felt


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I am really excited to launch this new line of Macbook sleeves. They're finally here!

Here is your chance to dress your Macbook in something truly unique! This is a sleeve designed for people who want unrivalled protection for their baby that is totally awesome and eye-pleasing, while at the same time being sleek, simple and non-bulky. This sleeve has it all, really.

No boring black neoprene here, thanks!


- PROTECTION: Made from 100% merino wool felt (3mm thickness). The wool felt I use is super-dense and offers great protection from bumps, scratches and minor spills (it's also fire-resistant, in case you're the James-Bond type exposed to explosions and fireballs on a regular basis).

- ORIGINAL: Original design hand printed using environmentally friendly water-based inks.

- MINIMAL: The sleeve is designed to be minimal, which means that if you're the type to throw your laptop into a bag containing keys and other scratchy laptop enemies, it'll be safe, but also won't take up any more room than it needs to.

- SNUG: The sleeve is a snug fit, so it won't accidentally fall out and shatter into a million pieces on the hard ground along with all your precious files (even though you always back up your work. Every day. Without exception).

- TACTILE: Felt.... mmmm felt. You just want to touch it.

- UNIQUE: I don't want to blow my own horn too hard, but honestly I haven't seen another laptop sleeve quite like this one. I'm not kidding when I say it's unique.

- SIZES: This particular sleeve is for a 13" Macbook or 13" Macbook pro. If you like the look of this sleeve, but are interested in another size, contact me liz [!at] ambette.com


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