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since Nov 2011


location : Queensland, Australia

ships : Internationally

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15 Doily Stickers Seals Pastel Pink


Available Stock

1 pc(s)


Pretty little doily stickers to make a decorative statement on any gift, card, envelope or letter, or just for fun.

A petite packet of handmade stickers in a glassine envelope ready for you to use or to gift.

As these are hand die-cut by me from matte paper sticker film, they are easy to use. I find a craft knife works best to separate the front sticker from the back film, leaving behind most hole punches. A few might remain however this is part of a handmade unique product. If you are a fanatic about the 'bits' that get left behind, then be warned.

Quantity 15
Size 1.25inch (30mm)
Handmade Brisbane, Australia

*** these travel free with any other purchase


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